Zuby Quest: Jumping & Running

Zuby’s on the run in the jungle and you are the only one who can help him find his lost children. In this side scrolling platform game, you get to move forward, run and jump and find your way through different scenes and facing wide 2range of animals, enemies, boxes, crates rivers, and lots of hard to take down obstacles. In your adventures journey, you need to collect coins, find secret places, solve puzzles, avoid crazy traps, shoot funny creatures and your final goal is overcoming the ruthless bosses in the face to face battles.

This platformer action game, comes with stunning HD graphics as well as realistic sound effects to deliver hours of fun to you. It’s like the classic arcade game with modern interface but with the same addicting game-play.
So, do you think you have what it takes to help Zuby in his dangerous journey through jungles, rivers, frozen lands, and caves to gather around his family again?

Easy to learn yet Super Addictive Gameplay
There is a virtual controller on the screen to control Zuby. Your movements are limited to go left, right, jump and shoot. Use arrow buttons to move forward and backward, and to kill enemies you should either touch the fire button or for some other creatures, you need to 3jump over them. Sometimes to find a secret door or a key, you need to shoot at the obstacles while jumping.

You just need a few minutes to get used to controlling Zuby, but it’s not always easy to decide when to stop, jump or shoot.

While you are running, make sure to look in to literally everything, as there might be some hidden weapons in flowers, some hidden coins in the crates, and some hidden places in the traps.
In the beginning, you’ll see yourself running and jumping in the jungle, but as you progress, more scenes will come and more creatures are waiting for you.

Why Should You Install the Zuby Quest?

Well, there are plenty of reasons to play the Zuby Quest and help him through his adventure.
If you used to play some old school, retro arcade games on different platforms, then this game will definitely remind you of all the good old days. 4
If you’ve got some spare time during the day and looking for a side-scrolling jump n run game to play, then you’ve got another reason to fall in love with the Zuby Quest.
If you want to have some fun time with friends and family and challenge them, then you’ve come to the right place. You can compete with your friends and beat their high scores.

Zuby Quest: Jumping & Running Main Features at a Glance:

⦁ 3D Graphics with Surrounding sound
⦁ Neat design with friendly user interface
⦁ Challenging and Addictive game-play
⦁ Different creatures, enemies, monsters and bosses to take down
⦁ Different scenes to pass: jungle, frozen, cave, subway world and …5
⦁ Cool power ups to collect: Magnet, Super Power, High Jump and more to discover
⦁ Fun for all ages
⦁ FREE to play

Zuby Quest is one of the greatest platform adventure games, which you’ll never get tired of playing. The puzzle solving game, is not just about jumping & running, as you need to be focused to avoid falling into the river, getting stuck in to traps, being hit by monsters and losing to crazy bosses. And you also need to look for as much coins as possible to collect, hidden treasures, bonus levels and cool power-ups.

Zuby Quest offers everything you should expect from a jump and run game; from eye-catching design and smooth game control to exciting levels and addictive game play.

Download Zuby Quest for Free:




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