Viral Isles

Are you ready for a completely new experience in multiplayer gaming? You get to be the star in Viral Isles!1

Build your customised avatar using photos you take within the app. Compete against friends in multiplayer contests. Win to replace their avatar with yours – on their device! But if you lose your opponent will do the same to you. Viral Isles brings the real world into the game. Add to this the mechanics of 3D golf combined with the satisfaction of collecting fruit and other objects on the islands.

Play against your device, or for the ultimate experience compete against real opponents. Get the chance to spread yourself far and wide. The game itself is about accurate aiming and throwing skills. Aim your avatar towards the island, launch it into the air, then see where it slides to on the ground, collecting all objects in its path. Throw accurately to collect as much fruit as you can, or steal from your opponent by aiming at their avatar. But be careful, they can always steal back unless you have protected yourself.

You earn virtual coins by playing, and get more for winning. Use the coins to build new avatars – or to liberate ones that you lost during previous contests.2

A big difference with this game is how the monetization works. Play entirely for free if you want – no strings attached. If you like it there is a single one time purchase available – which will remove adverts, unlock extra build elements, and give you higher rewards for playing. No hidden extras, no recurring costs. There is no option to buy your way out of a lack of skill – we are against turning games into virtual cash registers.

Viral Isles allows you to take photos. If playing in multiplayer mode, please remember to only take photos you are happy to share with others. Also, make sure you have permission to use whatever photos you take in the game.

Download Viral Isles for Free:




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