Vampire Idol: No.1 Dating Game

Avocado Entertainment, a publisher of casual games for women worldwide, this week announced they have officially 1released their latest mobile game project, Vampire Idol, a dating game targeting women. Following a female main character, who is hired as a manager by the most prominent entertainment company in the city, Two Cat Entertainment, Vampire Idol kicks off by requiring the main character to manage a rising idol group: Vampir.


As the character strives to establish herself as a formidable manager in the operation, she discovers that members of this Vampir group are indeed vampires. She begins to learn more about their lives, wants, and needs, and they begin to grow closer together.

“This is a vampire romance mobile game that is going to be appealing to any kind of working woman today,” said SJ Kim, Founder and CEO of Avocado Entertainment. “It follows the life of a professionally respected women, and how she decides to handle becoming close with devilishly handsome vampires.”


The game player gets to enjoy sweet, somewhat risky, romances with five members of the Vampir group, one by one. The user also gets to create their own ending to the story by making different choices in dating situation throughout 2the game.

Vampire Idol is comprised of more than 30 pages of elaborate illustrations. It is designed to truly move the hearts of female users, incorporating full voice effects from five different male characters, as well as constantly updated love stories.


The opening Vampire Idol theme song is sang by Wattame, a famous Utaite vocalist today.

“Spread the word on the official launch of our new dating game, and head on over to the App Stores today to learn more about the world of Vampire Idol,” said SJ Kim.

Vampire Idol is officially available in the Google Play Store presently.


Download Vampire Idol on Android for Free:




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