Unreal Birds

Unreal Birds1

Idle hands, as the old saying notes, are the devil’s workshop. Get the app that can keep yours occupied while you are busy waiting for something, or simply doing nothing. ‘Unreal Birds’ offers a clever way to do a tiny bit more than nothing – as you pursue a mindless challenge and win valueless points. The game gives you something to barely focus on, keeping your body clock turning when your mind is in ‘park’. If someone asks, you can say “the devil made me do it!”

– Easy one-touch gameplay2
– Unique handmade levels
– BYOM (Bring Your Own Music) feature – mute in-game music and listen to your own track during play
– The game you can enjoy for hours and which you can really COMPLETE (no, it’s not an “endless runner” type game!)
– New levels every other week!

Your ultimate goal is to complete all levels and watch final titles.
To complete level you need to collect seven portal keys.3
Watch sign at the top for direction to the nearest portal key.
Once portal keys are collected and exit portal is opened – find portal and go to the next level.
Golden keys freeze birds. Drop golden key into a well to freeze all birds at once.
Large birds are massive and magnetic – beware of them!
While it’s not a puzzle-style game – thinking is always welcome!

Download Unreal Birds for Free:




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