Treasure Miner – Mining Free

***This is the free version of Treasure Miner.****unnamed
( Come into the Treasure trove )

Treasure Miner is a classic sandbox game. Build your own mine infastructure and be the first miner, who discover rare artefacts, ores and gems. Sell your discoveries and expand your mine with new buildings, more lifts or better equipment. You can also upgrade your skills or buy new items, like ladders, lamps, signs or new tools.

So what are you waiting for? Take your pick and dig as deep as you can into the mine. Be the best miner on earth!

Game features:
-discover some rare ores and minerals ( silver, gold )aad
-discover artefacts and treasure
-build up your mine with different buildings
-a lot of different items ( ladders and more )
-improve and upgrade your infastructure with lifts
-randomed and deep maps generating a big treasure trove
-optimated for phone and tablets

Download Treasure Miner for Android:




Download Treasure Miner for iOS:




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