Totem Strikers – Fun 2D Games

Get ready to roll and sharpen your shooting skills as you are about to embark on an epic journey with Totem 1Strikers – Fun 2D Games. Sit tight and aim right as you are the lone survival in this super fun and amazing 2D game for kids and all ages.

Totem Strikers – Fun 2D Games is blend with the perfect ingredients to give you goosebumps while shooting at the lycans and other deadly animals i.e. Lions, Panthers, Crocodiles, Scorpions, Squirrels, Wild Dogs. At every level you will face higher odds and have to gun down all the enemies to clear the level and more importantly to survive. In the very first level of this fun and free game, the lycans and other deadly predators are running towards you from different dimensions, its time to test your shooting and aiming skills to kill all these deadly monsters and to emerge as the last standing hero in this epic and splendid 2D game.

This super fun and free 2D game of 2017 comes with the background story where you as a soccer player have reached to your village and is attacked by the totems, let’s see how you survive by trusting your instincts and killing all the 2enemies to save your homeland and you are the last man standing between the destruction and survival of your village.

So, its time to rage into the line of command and to strike back in this deadly war of commandos. Download this super fun and shooting action game today and let’s see how far you can roll!

Are you a passionate of fun and amazing amazing games?
You are a football (soccer) player and your village is invaded by Totems. You only have balls to defend your motherland and save your lovely ones.
Totem Strikers is a free action game.
Totems are endlessly spawn and get faster as the time passes.


    • Totems: Lions, Panthers, Crocodiles, Scorpions, Squirrels, Wild Dogs,…
    • Players: Samuel Eto’o, Didier Drogba, Emerick Aubameyang, Sadio Mane, El-Hadary, Fabrice Ondoua…
    • Bomb power up! Destroy all the Totems in the scene at once when collected or activated!
    • Shield: when collected, you are protected from animals attack
    • Collect cowries to get amazing power-ups and to stand a chance against the enemies
    • Speed boosters: double the speed of the balls when activated.
    • Original and unique game concept.
    • Amazing graphics and GUI
    • No Wi-Fi connection required


Download Totem Strikers for Free:




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