The Miner

Have you heard of the rumors about a gold mine hidden deeply under the ground out of nowhere? Well, the cute 1group of animal miners has already equipped themselves to dig down as much as possible to finally find this hidden treasure. So, are you willing to help the cute squirrel, panda, pig and monkey to keep digging and digging?

The Miner comes with a super easy to learn gameplay, in which you just need to press and hold your finger on the screen and move it to the right and left, to change the direction of the miner accordingly. Screen goes downward automatically and you have to control the miner and manage to pass him through this dangerous journey. You just have one life and you need to protect it by avoid hitting the rocks and collide with other miners already digging. There is also an angry snake crawling its way through and it’s safe not getting near her.

While you are digging down the road and looking to find the gold mine, there are so many gold coins to collect. They make sure you are on the right track and the more coins you collect; the more scores you’ll get. There are some coin boosters which will be counted more than regular coins.3

What are these coins for? Well, you get to challenge your family and friends by collecting more coins and beating their high score, and you also get to unlock new funny miners to dig with. For now, there are 4 cute miners and we are working to add more to the crew.

The Miner comes with a neat and clean design, and the wonderful graphics, cool sound effects, as well as smooth gameplay make you want to play this endless fun game more and more. The gameplay is so addictive, that you may forget about the time and notice yourself playing it for hours without realizing.
So, do you think you’ve got what is takes to help the miners pass through the obstacles and finally get to find the gold mine? Who knows? Maybe the rumors are just correct, or maybe you are going to have an endless journey.

The Miner Main Features at a Glance:
• Smooth one-touch gameplay
• Wonderful graphics with realistic sound and music3
• Fun and cool set of miners (more characters to come soon)
• Collect coins and special coin booster
• Challenge your best score
• Fun for all ages
• Completely free with no in-app-purchase items

The easy to learn gameplay and engaging story lets you play The Miner over and over and it can be easily named as your best companion in your spare time. It’s fun, challenging, endless and since you have no idea what comes next, you must always be focused on the game. It helps you forget about everything out there and your only objective will be digging as much as you can and collecting as many coins as possible.

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