The Evil VR Horror House

The Evil VR Horror House a Google Cardboard VR Game – Play the next generation VR gaming experience!1

The night is dark, and the house is alone. Can you survive a night in the horror house? The Evil VR is an immersive 360° virtual reality experience. Horrifying and groundbreaking – A horror game experience you won´t forget. Experience the terrifying scares and the stunning story of The Evil VR Horror House. Painted on a spooky digital canvas, The Evil VR is the story of a child who is figthing against the fear and evil inside her body.

Mystery, madness, and frightening moments. This is more than just playing, you become a part of the virtual gaming world. Interact with your environment and survive the evil inside you. Unlike other mobile games, The Evil VR is a whole new kind of mobile horror game. It combines the terrifying horror of movies and games, and brings it from the computer to your mobile device.2

The Evil VR Horror House leads you to the edge of horror and despair.

◉ Tilt your head slightly forward in order to move
◉ Go to an object and look at it in order to interact

◉ Google VR Cardboard Ready
◉ High-end mindblowing 3D graphics with HMD/ VR -device
◉ Awesome Soundengineering 3
◉ No extra Joystick/Controller needed!
◉ Supports all VR gears
◉ Varied locations
◉ Realistic horror atmosphere and ambience
◉ Intuitive interactions without additonal device
◉ Intuitive controls without additonal device
◉ Creative and unique storyline- Your choice, your way
◉ Numerous challenging puzzles
◉ No movie, no tracking shots, PLAY The Evil VR Horror House

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