Temple adventure runner 2017

Temple adventurer runner 2017 is a challenging, thrilling jump and run plat-former adventure!1
No need to pay to open new levels, they are all free just keep completing the levels to open the new ones (Free)
Explore 5 different worlds and run through 100 smooth and colorful. All levels are FREE!
+ thrilling and fun running jungle temple adventure
+ frenzied, addicting and fast game experience
+ easy game-play with one-touch controls

Features of Temple Adventurer Runner 2016:
+ various challenges, 5 amazing, mysterious worlds and 100 running levels
+ beautiful, stunning and smooth graphics
+ great music and intense sound effects2
+ exciting spirit of classic running platform adventures
+ easy and unique one-tap control game-play
+ very small APK file size for faster download

temple adventurer is stranded in jungle ruin world. Help the hero running through jungle and temples and try to find all treasures.
Run for your life and escape all troubles and obstacles. Collect coins, explore different areas and run along cliffs, traps and barriers.
How far can YOU run? Can YOU beat the leader-board high scores? Test your treasure trapping skills now!

Enjoy this addictive mega adventure plat-former running game hit!

Download Temple Adventure Runner for Free:




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