Target Wheel Brain Game

Get some mental relaxation and improve your concentration power with this amazing free game Target Wheel Brain Game for Mental Flexibility. The game is perfect to help you improve your response time and color recognition power by just Targeting the Wheel. Curious to know how..!! Here is a quick glance of what the game is all about.
“Target Wheel Brain Game” for mental flexibility features different colors nicely arranged in the form of a wheel. All you need to do is hit the right color on the wheel with the colored ball from the cannon. Hit the color on the wheel corresponding to the color of the cannon. ATTENTION!! Cannon color keeps changing in the game. To add on more complexity the wheel keeps revolving and you have to be very attentive in hitting the right color at right time. The speed of the wheel keeps increasing as you reach the higher levels. The difficulty increases when the direction of the rotation changes every slot. This game is a complete pack of challenges with quick gaming response and metal flexibility.

All set to take up the mental challenge? Gear up!!! The game looks very simple but equally involves a need for lot of concentration power to score high. Show up your gaming skills and score high to get yourself into the leader board. The game is full of fun and excitement which helps you to relieve stress and relaxes your mind. There is no age barrier, anyone can play this game and anytime.
“Target Wheel” has been beautifully designed to ensure the best for mental relaxation and stress reliever. Take up the challenge, overcome the obstacles, score high, improve your concentration power and relax your mind. You will have an amazing experience and you’ll love it. This is one amazing brain game that you will completely enjoy. Your concentration power and mental flexibility gets much better with this game.

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