Tap The Wall

Beautiful graphics is going along with lovely sound effects.

Tap The Wall belongs to arcade games.This game will make you go crazy!

So simple but at the same time so difficult.The game is controlled just by tapping the screen.So you need just one unnamedfinger and a few taps to play it.

Can you focus and keep the ball on a screen?
But care, with every second it gets more and more difficult.Only ones, that are the best can make it through.
Can YOU be the best?Can you keep your eyes on the screen and even faster react to unexpected moves of the ball?

Play and improve your reaction skills in an entertaining way.

Show your friends that you are better or even play with them.

Do not worry a simple tutorial is added so you can download it now and play for hours.
Endless fun with Tap The Wall.

Just Tap The Wall!

Download Tap the Wall for Free:




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