Experiment with an Artifical Intelligence, in order to find out its true nature in the dark and cruel sci-fi universe of Superposition.1

In Superposition, you work as a hired tester for the infamous technology company Theos Corp.
Your job is to test their latest development, an A.I.(Artifical Intelligence) and find out if it gained consciousness and feelings, or it is a soulless machine with advanced manipulating skills.
However, this mission comes with a lot of dangers. Your choices will form the future and not only your but the machine’s and Theos Corp’s destiny too.
Always think twice before your actions, and witness the evolution of the A.I.

*The game features a nonlinear, real-time experience with its notification based engine and live action cutscenes.
*Your choices will lead to one of 7 endings, with high replayability.
*Also, the game presents a unique saving system called LOADCODES, which makes it possible to save your progress in the form of binary codes and pictures. LOADCODES are device-independent so you can continue or share your game with other devices.

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