Super Final Adventures XL

Super Potato vs Bugs Bros super classic legendary platform game of the Potato bros: Mini Potty, Mario Potario and 1Super Potato Help the 3 super potatoes on their adventure. These super bros have different super powers. Mini Potty is the little of the family, Mario Potario the middle one, and Super Potato is the big brother. 4 worlds full of enemies: the bugs. 8 super bug bosses defend their castle. Sabana, jungle, desert and underground caves, secret prices and levels, sky and water, many scenarios in a free game.

How to play:
This amazing super game starts with Mini Potty, once Mini Potty gets a fertiliser then its super big brother Mario Potario appears, if our super friend Mario Potario takes a potato super power then Super Potato comes into scene. These super bros have to pass 80 levels to rescue the princess. Mario Potario can break blocks with its head, Super Potato can break blocks and throw fire balls. Jump, run and shoot. 2Find secret underground levels ducking on the pipes. Many secret gifts are hidden in secret blocks, jump anywhere to find them. Take a balloon to fly to the sky over the clouds. Collect coins to buy super powers. Drink the magic potion to become invincible, jump over the abysms,

7 Leaderboards and 26 achievements are implemented to allow you compete with your friends, family and people around the world. If you like this arcade game, we make it easy to you to let us know you really like this free game. We added Facebook like button and Google Plus +1 button, also you can get free coins sharing the app on Facebook. Please, visit the in-app store to see more options of how to get coins.

4 worlds, many scenarios:
In the sabana are the kindest bugs, but it doesn’t mean they are kind at all. The increasing difficulty of the game is 3accompanied by change on the super amazing worlds of this game. The jungle is full of complex platforms and hidden enemies. The desert with many falling big heads and spacial super bugs. The caves are dark and full of lava and fire balls. The underwater levels are challenging if you are not using Super Potato and its super fire balls. The sky is the safest place in the super world of potato bros, just collect coins are get down to earth when you are done. Underground levels are hidden under pipes connections.

The bugs:
Lady bug, wasp, bee, bettle, dragonfly, praying mantis, tarantula, mosquito, grasshopper, spider are some of the enemies you will find during your adventure in the super world of potato bros.

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