*About game :1

– Move the device with one hand depends on which side you want to break the stones, Did you ever used a hammer in real life?! It is exactly the same ( You can choose “By tapping” to tap right or left ,Depends on which side you want to break ) .
– Two types of playing , “By movement” “By tapping” , Two highscores separated from each other.
– Many rounds you are going to try to pass.
– Three types of stones, each more powerful than the other.
– When a stone is broken,It will become pieces of atoms,The atoms are flying around, After a while half of atoms gone .
– Various forces are going to help you move forward, By clicking on it, The force will operate for a few seconds.
– Watch Video Ads , To get extra lifes .

– One hand Control.unnamed
– Lots of fun .
– Stunning graphics .
– Info about game forces .
– Improve your coordination control .
– Strategy, Forces Selection depends on the situation and the fate of the result.

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