Star Tap

Start Tap is a cool and insanely addictive game to tickle your brain. Get hours of fun by playing Start Tap, you will bbbbfall in love with the game, moment you start playing it. This game offers hours of fun that are free of any charge. Endless game to keep you hooked for hours with awesome fun and frolic.

A simple yet cool game, Start Tap provides you a great way to relieve from all the stress with its hours of fun and brain tickling effect. Your only motive is to tap all start that have the same color as the indicator shows. Make sure to tap all stars within the given time and avoid tapping stars with wrong color. Challenge your friends to achieve the highest score in this addictive puzzle free game.

Our amazing speed game will help you challenge your reflexes and concentration, a great way to kill extra time to enjoy every bit of it. The expanding high scores are also great fun.

If you enjoy playing concentration and speed games, then Start Tap is the most exciting way for you to enthuse game playing experience on mobile and have maximum fun possible while playing it.

• Nice:bbbbbbbbbbbbbb
✓ The game has been selected to give the best user experience and make it an addictive speed tapping game.

✓ As you progress in Start tap, the gameplay will become harder and the time start to decrease, so you need to make faster taps to avoid running out of time. But, even if you run out of time, don’t give up and try to score the highest score possible.

• Easy:
✓ We care about you and that’s why we made our gameplay very easy to play, you need just to tap the start that have the same color as the indicator. Super easy!

• Free:
✓ The best thing is that Start Tap is Free and you can enjoy it without paying anything because our game is totally Free for you, for your friends and for your family also.

• Offline:
✓ Once you install our game, you can play it without limits and even without internet connection, so you will enjoy playing it anytime and anywhere. Enjoy it at a temple, or while traveling in a real airplane or train, also in the aaaaaaaaaaaaaasubway, or simply when you are in your room.

• Endless:
✓ Yes! Our game is endless, you can play as much as you want without limits and for Free.

• Easy to Play, Hard to Master:
✓ This game is for people who want to test their tapping speed skills. People can also improve their speed skills by playing our free addictive game.

✓ Since the colors are generated randomly and you play within a given time, on occasion, it’s not possible to score higher score in the first try, but don’t give up try again and you’ll do it for sure.

• For Kids:
✓ Want to let your kids improve their speed, focus and concentration? Start Tap is the perfect game for them and you’ll notice that their skills will become good after playing our game a while.

★★ How to Play Start Tap – Speed game? ★★

① First, you need to download and install this free game on your smartphone or tablet.ccccccccccccc

② Once you open it, you need to tap the play button to start playing. Then you will see a 5/5 grid with many stars with different colors. Take a look at the color of the star in the top of the screen, if its color is green, then you should only tap the green stars and avoid the other ones. Once you finish with the green color, the color of the indicator will change and you need to tap other stars.

③ Keep in mind that there is a timer in the top right side of the screen and you should not let it go to 0 or the game will end and you will loose.
Once you finish tapping all stars with the same color, we will add some extra seconds to you to catch the new stars.

④ Tapping the wrong ball will let you loose some time and if you run out of time the game will ends and you will loose. Try again to score the highest possible score And you will reach it for sure.

Download Start Tap now and start playing playing the best free puzzle game to tickle your brain!




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