Splashy Car: Smashy Road

Do you love car racing games? Want to play a smashing high octane car racer game? You’ve come to the right place. 1Download Splashy Car: Smashy Road for FREE now to enjoy the coolest and most exciting city racer game on your Android device. Beat your opponents and show your skill as the ultimate car racer and driver in this smashy city. Have fun playing this addictive road racing games for hours!
It’s RACE FEVER time! Control your chosen motorcar and drive around this smashy city. You are racing against challenging opponents so you need to polish your skill as car racer and driver now. This blocky city is not easy to navigate. Your skill as a city racer will be challenged to the max. No matter what motorcar you use, you will need to control it carefully if you want to beat other players in this game. Don’t be afraid though, soon you’ll be able to control your motorcar and blast around this blocky city on your hot wheels.
 Download and play our car racing game completely for FREE.
 Colorful High quality graphic.
 Smashing background music and sound effects.
 Addictive High octane gaming for every car racing games fan!
 Simple and intuitive game control.
 Choose between several cars we provide for you.
 Immersive car racing game for your to have fun and train your reflexes.
 Prove that you are a skilled car racer & driver in this city racer game and defeat other players while you’re on race fever!
Controlling your hot wheels is pretty easy. You only need to press Left, Right, and Reverse to control your motorcar. If you’re still unsure how to control your motorcar in this city racer game, you can access the Help 3section in our app. The difficult part is to move around the road in this blocky city. On the first few tries you will learn how to best maneuver your hot wheels around. You have plenty of chance to win this road racing game later. Take your time learning to control and drive your car. You will do a lot of reversing at first. Then you will get better and better at driving around this smashy city. The game will be a lot more fun! You can smash and crash other cars on your road racing sessions. There’s no limit in this race game so you can have fun smashing other cars around in this high octant race game.
So, are you intrigued yet? Ready to try our coolest city race game now? Splashy Car: Smashy Road is FREE to install and play. Furthermore, you will unlock some really cool race cars after you play for a couple of days.
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