Sleek Wings

Tired of endless running games? Try this fresh new take on endless infinite running games where you fly a plane unnamedthrough a path to collect stars on the path. While flying the plane, you can collect stars to build scores. You have to avoid colliding with the wall or the plane will crash and you will lose a life.
Sounds exciting? Start playing Sleek Wings to enjoy an amazing plane flying experience. Take control of the plane with the smooth controls of the app. You can move left or right by clicking these controls on the screen. The speed of the plane changes as the game progresses. The game gets challenging as the speed of the plane increases. Just concentrate on the plane to avoid the walls. This is an endless game and there are no levels. Your game is over once you collide with one of the walls. The app has some amazing game graphics to enhance your gaming experience. The game is suited for gamers of all age groups but kids particularly enjoy this game due to the unique challenge that the game offers.
With the “Sleek Wings” game, you collect stars to build a score. With higher scores, you can get on the leaderboard and compete with players worldwide. Also, you can challenge your friends to beat your high score.
The game is free to play! So, what are you waiting for? Download this amazing game with a plane flying experience and enjoy a new level of an endless flying game.


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