Science Word Search

If you have an interest in science, then you would like this word search for science puzzle. It’s a fun way to refresh 2your scientific knowledge. Word Search puzzles have been around for many years now and are known by many aliases like word hunt & word finder.

This game is focused on scientific terminology. Rules are simple, just find the science terms displayed on top hidden among the jumbled letters. Simply swipe across the letters to select once you find a word.
Science Word Search puzzle has 4 different categories to choose from: Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Geology. Each scientific category has 3 difficulty levels to choose from – Easy, Medium & Difficult.

The purpose behind difficulty level is to allow everyone to enjoy the game irrespective of their age. Kids can play the game by keeping the difficulty level as ‘Easy’ while adults can go for the ‘Difficult’ level. The game has a huge collection of words that are refreshed at every run, so you will never get bored. It’s also a good way to know about terms that you might not be aware of.

Science word puzzles are the new way to learn the scientific terminology especially for kids & teens. For geeks, there can’t be a better way to relax than solving a puzzle and this game is a perfect past time.1

No in-app purchases or intrusive ads, we have kept the ads to a minimum to focus on user experience, hope you enjoy the game!

• 500+ Science words
• 4 Categories
• 3 Difficulty levels
• Educational & fun
• Cute game sounds
• Game timer
• 100% Free
• Everyone can enjoy from kids to adults
• Limitless word search puzzles
• HD Screens with high quality graphics

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