Rocket Riot: Traffic Control

Keep the outer space safe in Rocket Riot the addictive tap and draw space game where you are the busiest space screen520x924traffic controller in the Universe. In Rocket Riot you must keep the outer space safe by controlling rockets towards multi-colored planets. Simply tap on a rocket and draw a path towards a planet that matches its color. While this sounds incredibly easy (and it is), as the game progresses there are more and more rockets, rockets increasing in speed, planets rotating, and asteroids crowding the Universe. All the rocket traffic will need to be safely routed while avoiding all collisions. Rocket Riot quickly becomes a frustratingly-addictive experience as you try to beat your own and others high scores, unlock achievements, and access the online leaderboard.

– Engaging gameplay. Your job as a space traffic controller is to direct rockets based on their colors to planets matching their colors. To do that simply tap and drag a rocket towards the destination planet. Careful though, if 2 rockets collide, you hit an asteroid, or run into a game boundary, it’s over.
– Achievements and online leaderboards. Do you have what it takes to become the next Legendary Rocket Controller? Rocket Riot has multiple achievements you can obtain by successfully routing as many rockets as possible in a single game. Get a high enough score and you’ll even access the online leaderboard.
– Retro graphics. The game has retro graphics reminiscent of popular Arcades, where the simplicity in design allowed you to focus on the actual gameplay. Coupled with perfectly-matching sounds you’re in for a true retro-gaming screen520x924experience.
– 2-in-1 gaming. While the main goal is that of controlling rockets towards the respective planets, you can also destroy asteroids that might collide with rockets. You’ll have to tap on the asteroids to disintegrate them and avoid a disaster, thus actually 2 games in one.

With Rocket Riot the intensity and speed never ends which makes it a true addictive and competitive game. Connect your account to make it even more challenging by posting your high scores so your friends can try to beat your score!

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