Raise A Bee

Ever wanted to create your own bee?screen696x696_004
Ever wanted to learn more about bees?
Ever wanted to get some jars and design your own bee?

This game is all about bees!
In the home page you got access to our shop, to our exclusive exchange room where you can exchange jars for coins, also if you’ll click on the bee in the middle you’ll see how you chose to dress it, that will be a great place to take some picture of your bee and upload them to our Facebook page, If you’d like to earn some jars go and play our game in “Earn Honey” page, just collect jars by moving your bee towards the jars with your finger, but be careful! rocks are falling from the sky and you don’t want to get hit!

Also, if you want to learn some facts about bees be sure to check our bees information page where you could find out some educational facts about bees.

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