Are you ready to encounter the most loveable characters out there? Welcome to the world of PUQ, where you control cute being as they try to get the green beans as fast as possible.2

Keep in mind that you need to get as many green beans as possible if you want to unlock your other friends named BUG, FRO and TUT! All you need to do here is to avoid the red beans as they will kill you on the spot.

Each character is a lot of fun to play with. TUT is slow but he is easy to control and survival is in his nature. FRO is faster than PUQ but controlling it is very easy and BUG is hard to control yet very fast!

Remember, in order to control any of these characters you need to tap the screen and hold in order to move it in the right direction. It’s fast, easy and a lot of fun to do!

Don’t hesitate and download the most fun game you have ever played. Help these creatures stay alive and get the highest score!1

• Beautiful creatures to control and multiple unlocks
• Cute graphics
• Tap based gameplay
• Wonderful soundtrack
• Each character has its own abilities

Download PUQ for Free:




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