Presidential Rat Race

Presidential Rat Race is an interactive game based on 4 comedians, racing their way up to the top to become the unnamedPresident of America. Take control, and tap your way through different obstacles to complete each level and help your favorite candidate win the elections of America!
Game Features:
-Tap and jump to make your way through the obstacles and win each level.
-Tap once for a single jump and twice to jump higher to get onto each platform.
-4 different comedians to pick from – so you can help your favorite candidate achieve the ultimate glory!
-Play two different levels with different competitors, or clear both levels with the same comedian.
-Dodge protesters and other obstacles, as you make your way past a 100 different platforms to achieve 100%.
-Interactive sounds and an easy-to-play game, with addictive visual animations.
-Top the leaderboard and clear both levels before your friends get there!
So, are you ready to race your way to the top of the election board? Score a 100% on each of the levels with your favorite candidates, to help your chosen comedian win the Presidential elections of America bbbthis year!

Download Presidential Rat Race for Free:





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