Police High-Speed Car Chase

Police High-Speed Car Chase is a car chasing game on the highway.

You need to drive as fast as you can to avoid all the police cars. You need to keep an eye on the side as some police cars are hidden and waiting to dash to the side of your car.

Wanna test your driving/racing skills in the busy traffic on highway?1

Just try this new racing game! Control the car to move on the road and drive as long as you can!

Use tilt to control your car. Shoot police cars if necessary but avoid shooting other cars as that will mean a loss of coins. Too many police cars around you? Click on the shield button or look for the shields on the road.

Collect all gold coins on the road and unlock new cars.

Have fun and race with your car…in full speed….

The longer you drive the higher the score.

You can earn coins while playing or by purchasing them.

This game is completely free to download and play. However, some game currency can be purchased with real money within the game. You can restrict in-app purchases in your store’s settings

Download Police High-Speed Car Chase for Free:




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