Picture Detective

Pay attention Detective. Your Mission is to identify the Coded Word using the Picture Clues. To succeed you must be prepared for a challenge, think outside the box and be imaginative.1

– A picture of a Surfer + A Spider’s Web = Internet (You surf the web)

– A Pea + A picture of the Sea = PC (A play on similar sounding words – Put the two Picture clues together and you get Pea Sea which sound very similar to PC)

– A soldier + Waiter + Tennis player = Serve (A Soldier servers his country, a Waiter serves his customers and a Tennis player serves the ball)

– A ship + An Iceberg = Titanic (The Titanic sank when it hit an Iceberg)

– A number 1 with a hole in it + A Club playing card = Golf (a hole-in-one is a Golf score while a Club is used to hit the ball in Golf)

Now start exercising your brain and download Picture Detective, the addictive picture puzzle game where Creativity is a Necessity.

**Switch of Predictive Text if you’re have difficulties Entering Text**2


– Can’t identify the Word? You can request a further two Picture Clues.

– Not making the links between the Picture clues? You can reveal a Written Clue.

– Still unable to make the connection? You can request an Anagram.

– Need more assistance? You can reveal a letter.

– Determined to solve the puzzle using just the two Picture Clue? You can skip the level and return to it later.

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