Naughty or Nice: Play to Donate Toys

“NAUGHTY OR NICE“ an addictive game testing your abilities to coordinate Santa down the chimney and collecting as many presents as possible, but be sure you watch out for the obstacles and not to collect any coal.


Try to navigate down the chimney collecting as many presents as possible, be careful not 2to collect any lumps of coal, for every coal you collect you will lose a present. Use the presents to purchase toys, which will then be donated to kids at Hospitals for Christmas.

How many presents can you collect while the speed picks up?

Fun and free to play, “NAUGHTY OR NICE“ is an amazing game that combines precision and coordination to bring along a great experience in an addictive game.


Try to navigate and collect presents.

• A very addictive gameplay!
• Navigate and collect presents to earn big points!
• How many presents can you collect?

“NAUGHTY OR NICE“ Game play and Controls1

Tap the screen left or right to maneuver Santa through the dirty chimney, pick up power ups and watch out for some tricky items which might make it harder for you to play, power ups include:

Invincibility: if Santa drinks a glass of milk he will get large and invincible .
Magnet: attracts presents to you while repelling lumps of coal away from you.
Cookie: picks up speed.
Smoke: brings a gush of smoke upon the screen to disorientate your vision.
Candy: High sugar levels confuse Santa and disorientate his movements.
All of them are just temporary.

How far can you go and how many presents can you donate to a child this Christmas?

Download Naughty or Nice: Play to Donate Toys for Free:




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