Mystic MAZE

***FREE till 9th March!***

Help Baby Dragon through the Mystic MAZE to find his Family. A Fun Mystical MAZE Adventure. Collect dazzling gems along the journey.

Baby Dragon can Swim, Run & Fire Real looking Fireballs…1

Meet Baby Dragons Family by Solving the Puzzle to the End… Play an Amazing MAZE with true 3D HD Graphics.

” FEATURED! Rated 9.23/10… The Great Apps ”
” Winners Games GOTD 24 Feb 2017 – Design Nominees ”


+ Navigate through the Mystic Maze with the Super Easy to Use Virtual Joystick.

+ Use the Bread crumbs (Red Triangles) to Mark where you’ve been.

+ Score lots of points by collecting all the items.2


+ Super Real Water Pools

+ Very easy Navigation with Virtual Joystick

+ 100+ Collectables throughout the Maze

+ Large moving Teeter-Totter

+ Many Rotating Carousels in Maze
+ Superb 3D HD Graphics

+ Amazing Music & Sound Effects

+ Ultra Smooth Gameplay


Mystic MAZE is optimized for both tablets and phones.

Download Mystic MAZE:




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