Memory Toaster – Brain Trainer

Are you reader to improve your memory, put your reaction speed to the test and make some goddamn toast?!1

Memory toaster is a fun, challenging and engaging take on the classic, outdated memory games. This is brain training on steroids!

Nothing in life is free. Except this game. However the toast isn’t free, you’re going to have to earn it. Repeat the sequences in the correct order and you’ll be awarded with precious slices. The sequences get progressively more difficult, so you’ll have to improve your memory to get more toast!

Now you’ve earned your toast. Well done. Congratulations. But that toast isn’t for eating.

Having a good memory isn’t enough to be good at this game, you’ll have to put your reaction speed to the test as well. Load up the toaster with your hard-earned slices and blast them at the jars to earn points!

The jars used to be full of jam. We emptied them and filled them with points. We ate the jam.2

When you’ve run out of lives (and toast), Memory Toaster will remember your high score. It is a MEMORY toaster, after all. As you improve your memory, you’ll be able to achieve even higher scores and become a MEMORY TOASTING BOSS.

– Repeat sequences to significantly improve your memory and train your brain
– Improve your reaction speed by blasting toast at point-filled jars
– Arcade style gameplay is perfect for quick playing sessions
– Random sequences will always keep the game challenging and your memory improving
– Addictive style gameplay will have you playing often. The more you play, the faster you improve your memory.
– Cute graphics and action-orientated gameplay will make you forget this is a memory game!





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