King of the Soldiers:TCG&TD

◆◆◆What is King of the Soldiers?◆◆◆1

A dream collaboration of tower defense and trading card game is now in your hands!
This is not the typical tower defense game we enjoyed playing. This is one-and-only game that can give you great excitement.

“”I love tower defense games but got bored because apart from the graphics, the rest is the same old game!””
“”I want to play games with great endings like the good old game soft we used to play!””

For these enthusiastic game lovers, this is the game you should definitely try out.
A reward to anyone who crush down the demons! The whole nation rose for this “”Demon Subjugation Law””.

Wolfen is a battle strategist but weak with his sword skills.
Asha is his apprentice, who looks up on him.2
The two gather their own small troop and begin their journey to subdue the demons.
This is a story of Wolfen who is clumsy in everything except battles, and Asha, who admire and loves him. This is a story of these two overcoming many dreadful battles and struggle for their survival.
Will they survive the deadly battles and win?!
And what will happen to Asha’s love?!
◆◆◆How to Play◆◆◆
Choose a card and send out your soldiers!
The stage is cleared once your soldiers destroy the enemy’s base on the right hand side!
Your will fail the stage when the enemy arrives and destroys your base.
◆◆◆Build up your strategy and overwhelm your enemy!◆◆◆3
Each soldier has its own skills.
For example, Archers are weak against Shield Soldiers, and the Shield Solders are weak against Mages.
Build up your own strategy using the soldier’s skills and overwhelm your enemies.
◆◆◆Gather your troop members to level up!◆◆◆
After your battle, a new soldier will join your troop.
As you gain more soldiers you can use, you can level them up.
The more battles your soldier experience, the stronger they will become.

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