Kind War

Enemies are seeking to destroy OUR world. The survival of OUR species depends on your actions – and that gesture 1is blowing as hard as you can on your device in order to prevent the world from being ravaged! For the sake of OUR world, blow! blow! blow!

Blowing enemies away will allow you to collect points which you can then use to unlock new, colorful and beautiful worlds that also need saving.

+ 6 themes.
+ Beautiful and colorful graphics.
+ Unique and challenging game play.
+ Outstanding sound and visual effects.
+ Global headboards.
+ Cheerful music.
+ Support almost all Android devices for mips, x86, armeabi, and armeabi-v7a.

In Aporte, we strive to develop interactive entertainment products with the propose of generating awareness and 2empathy toward global issues. 10% of sales will be used to promote goodness in our communities in a social, economic and environmental way.

Kind War is simple, unique and fun for the whole family. Best of all, it is completely free! How long can you blow?


Download Kind War for iOS:




Download Kind War for Android:




Watch Kind War video:

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