Kill the Walking Dead : Dawn of the Zombies

An adventure waits for our Zombie Killer. The city is swarming with undead bad guys, and it’s a new quiet before the storm…Hammer Time Baby!

Get immersed in a thrilling action packed first person shootout game in true apocalypse fashion. Time to go on another killing spree to 1eliminate the undead enemies and clear the city streets. Shoot, Reload and Bang out the obstacles with an awesome range of kick-ass weapons and controllable vehicles like cars, tanks, helicopters and turrets. a

Carry heavy explosives, best-in-class guns and weapons to play through action-packed missions on an endless quest to defeat the arch-nemesis and secure the city. Show off your shooting skills to kill the gunmen and complete the mission.

Can you kill ‘em all?

Our Action-Packed Features
— 30+ shoot em up missions.
— Multiple weapon choices and explosives.
— A shop with awesome ingame features and IAP like GodMode, Golden Gun and a Jetpack!
— Leader-board and achievements to compete with your friends to the top.

Your next mission… should you choose to accept!

Download Kill the Walking Dead for Free:




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