Jetman Hero: Jetpack Ranger

Ride your Jetpack and Blaster to defend and patrol your moon! Jetman must rescue the Colony inhabitants on Crayon Moon in the Degobah Galaxy.
They have recently been invaded by a horde of space aliens and evil mutant Jetmen that wish to invade the colony.1
Jetman Hero is out to kick some, one pixel at a time! The Low Rez Jam hit is here at last!

Armed with a Plasma Blaster, a Jetpack Stick and a flame retardant flowing cape, he must battle through the Baddies and defeat the many Bosses that await him in this horizontal Jetpack Shooter. The galaxy defender awaits you!

Rescue captives to gain extra lives! Shoot Evil Jetman to get powerups.

Your jetpack fuel efficiency is helped by the moon’s low gravity but you must be on the lookout for extra fuel packs.

★ Fast shooting action
★ Easy to play, Tough to Beat
★ Super sounds
★ C64 styled retro 8-bit graphics
★ Many challenging Bosses
★ New aliens and more levels to come 🙂
★ Global Arcade High Score Table coming

Tap left side (circular area) for joystick to fly your Jetpack
Tap bottom right to fire

Download Jetman Hero for Free:




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