iPassion: Hot game for couple

Are you looking for a way to spice up your sex and foreplay life? You’ve just found the best app for that. Presenting: 1the best hot, dirty & sexy questions couple game on the Android market!
If you want to start getting more intimate with your girlfriend or boyfriend or discover sex tips and new ways to enjoy foreplay with your spouse or husband, you’ve arrived at the right place: download the app, start up the sex quiz and let the foreplay fun begin… it’s about to get hot!
You’re about to increase the intimacy and upgrade your sex life – while having a laugh! With this new hot couple quiz for adults, you’re gonna get to know your partner much better and your partner will get to know a lot about you as well… It’s a game like no other and our users enjoy good sex, foreplay and improved communication when playing. Knowing your partner is the single most important thing you can do to improve your relationship and be more intimate with them. And what’s better than a fun & silly little icebreaker sexy quiz to do so?

???? What’s it about? ????

– Finding out how well you really know each other, sexually: foreplay with hot / dirty questions quizzes are the ultimate solution to improve your love life and sexual life.

– Discovering what your partner likes, dislikes and how to rub him/her the right way with hot custom quizzes. Choose and create your own sexy or dirty questions!2

– Winning an awesome prize/favor by the end of each round – if you know best

Our users absolutely LOVE this brand new game and there’s nothing like it. Download this couple game, increase the fun and intimacy with your partner right now… Then, hit the bedroom!

???? To get started: ????

Download, signup and notify your partner, wife or husband. Then wait for your partner to create a user and start a game with you. You’re gonna need to be two to play this… 😉

This is how it works:

– You answer 2 questions about your own preferences, likes, dislikes etc.

– Your partner then has to guess your answers and see if he/she was right – and then it’s the other way around

– For every right answer, you get 10 points. How well do you know your partner? You’re about to find out.3

– First to 100 points wins – and gets to select an awesome prize

ℹ️ Additional information ℹ️

Sexual therapists and couples counselors are already recommending this app as a great conversation starter and whether you’re already having great sex or not – playing this game will definitely spice up your sex life and get both of you talking about what you really want and need.

Whether you’re deeply in love in a sensual relationship, lovingly married for several years, newlyweds, just getting to know your girlfriend/boyfriend or having a casual fling, you’ll love this sexy couple game. We can even guarantee that you’ll find out some interesting things about your partner.

What are you waiting for? Download the app, answer the questions and start knowing each other better with our fun little game!

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