Hit The Hoop

Hit The Hoop

‘HIT THE HOOP’ – An addictive fast paced game that tests your abilities. screen696x696_003
Help us shoot the hoop, collect gems and unlock your friends and new backgrounds as time runs against you. Collect time as you hit the hoop and collect extra balls as you complete each level. Let’s see how you can survive for…

Fun and free to play, ‘HIT THE HOOP’ is an amazing game that combines precision and wits to create an addictive experience in a short burst.

‘HIT THE HOOP’ features:

Hit the hoop and collect gems to unlock your friends

• Very addictive gameplay!
• Hit the hoop to earn big points!
• Hit the gems and collect them to use them to purchase new backgrounds and unlock your friends!
• How far can you go before the balls run out and time catches up with you?

‘HIT THE HOOP’ Game play and controls

Carefully find the right angle to shoot the canon, when ready tap the screen. The canon is fixed to rotate to a 75 degree angle so it can’t go further then that point. Use the sides to rebound the ball to hit the hoop or the gems. You can bounce a ball off the wall up to three times before disappearing.
For every hoop you hit you will not lose a ball, but with only 7 balls available to you, you must be accurate and precise and try not to lose any balls.
If that don’t get you then the time surely will, with only 30 seconds to start with and 5 seconds extra per hoop you hit its only a matter of time before you lose.

Try to collect gems to purchase a life to enable you to continue where you left off from.

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