Hex Puzzle Pro

Hex Puzzle Pro is a Puzzle game that you can play almost any time of the day. Playing with this portable puzzle is a great way to take a quick break during a hectic day.screen520x924

Hex Puzzle Pro is based tile-placement game that behaves like hexagonal Tetris. You use a limited selection of preset shapes to fill up the board. Link two edges and the cells along the connecting line vanish, giving you lots of points. The game ends when you can’t place any more shapes.

It’s so quick and simple that you can’t stop playing it. The shapes are designed to create awkward single-hex gaps in your placement, which makes the single-cell shape quite precious. Naturally, you want to build the biggest chain you can by setting up lots of almost-complete lines and then clearing them.

– No Ads.
– Tasty graphics.
– More levels.
– Lots of fun.
– Buy once for lifetime.

Download Hex Puzzle Pro:




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