Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival

Are you ready to experience the next level of Horror on your mobile phone through Augmented Reality? 1
Get ready for the Halloween surprise.

Introducing Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival the ultimate AR Camera App to allow you to experience ultimate horror scenes while you are moving in the real world.

This horror mobile AR app takes horror to the next level. Use the camera to move around and make it seem like you are moving in a horror scene, at night time.
Are you looking for the next thrill for yourself?
With this app, your home turns into a Halloween horror scene and you are right in the middle. With the Ghost Snap app, you can experience real life horror through the AR Camera and snap pictures while you are moving around your house. This is a high tense augmented reality app that gets your tensed amidst the horror scene. It might seem like a battle of survival while you trying to get out of the scary horror experience. But, the path is endless, you continue to experience more and more horror as you advance. You cannot run away, there will be no escape.

“Ghost Snap AR Horror Survival” has the scariest gaming experience on the mobile market.2

The game has amazingly simple controls to get started. It also includes horror sounds while you are moving through your house which is a horror scene.

The Ghost Snap app is available for free! So, get ready to start using the most powerful horror in augmented reality using this app.


How To Play:

1. Get ready and plug your headphones in. You have to hear what happens arround you!
2. Look around and take photos of abnormalities in your surrounding.
3. “Dont let him come close”


### while playing, please check your surroundings. ###

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