Games and their benefits

Let’s all agree. Growing up was fun. And especially when we had to play with our siblings and the neighboring children. But what kind of games were we playing? And were we playing them with other purposes other than just having fun and maybe passing time? Well, many of the homesteads did not have the latest technology the likes of which we are seeing today.  But you know what, the world is blowing with new technology. And the truth is many people are being caught unaware.  

Why are they been caught unaware? Is it that they are not prepared? Well. No. But who has ever though that gaming would be at any one point be beneficial? Trust you me. Research has it that there is a lot to gain from every game. And what kind of games are we talking about? Mmmmmh…..Think about video games, outdoor games and board games among others. And you know what a lot of these games are no WiFi games.  

What does this imply? Simple……….At some point one needs internet connection to play some games. But it happens that most of the current day games do not require WiFi connection. And by the way, dare you think that games are only for children. Why? Because in the current day and age, trust you me, you will get many more adults busy with games. And you know what, you don’t have to go to any website. Sadly there are so many useless websites today, which claim to offer free online gaming. But the truth is, they is a catch somewhere; either some charges at some point or some sort of subscription.  

So let’s explore some of the benefits, which games bring along: –  

  • Enhancement of a person’s well-being 

Have you been to a doctor and they tell you about enhancing your well-being? What crossed your mind at that point? Perhaps it was all about eating well. But you are wrong. Playing of outdoor games is of the essence. And particularly to children. Why?  It encourages them to get rid of the built up energy. 


  • Exploration 

Life is all about learning. And did you know that playing of games is also a source of learning? It pushes the player to explore and discover. Especially on the Video games.  Games also develop the element of developing learning capabilities.  


  • Improvement of social – skills 

Don’t you think the some of these games encourages the learning of social – skills? How about the element of making new friends? How about creating a sense of independence?  


  • We have all experienced introvert people who are always by themselves. Don’t you think giving them a gaming opportunity will contribute into taking them to a social level?  


  • Creativity 

Away from the constraints and confinement of indoor gaming, being outside creates an opportunity of imagination, which is stimulated by the things around us.  


The long and the short of the benefits in gaming is that there are millions of WiFi free games, which anyone can take advantage of. Now you have it. Grab the opportunity of having some fun from gaming. Won’t you?  

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