Funny Monster Match

“Funny Monster Match” is a total fun game with lots of surprises and excitement which makes the game addictive and lot more entertaining. Get at least 3 monsters of the same kind in a row to kill them and score more. The more monsters you kill the higher you score and quicker the targets you can achieve to clear the levels. Each level has some specific target to be achieved in order to complete the level and move forward. With over 100 levels and whole bunch of challenges at each level, the game is fun filled and thrilling which eventually turns to be 1addictive in itself.
You can get extra bonus to help you clear out the levels faster by matching 4 monsters in a row to kill them up. A special mayhem monster has super abilities which can be used to help you move to the next level. But how do you get these monsters? These monsters are very rare and you can get them by matching 5 funny monsters of the same kind. All these bonuses are really very useful in achieving your targets and completing the levels. Reveal more surprises with exciting bonus as you progress to the higher levels. The app also offer the ability to buy bonuses to help you through the levels.
The “Funny Monster Match” game has a killing user interface with intuitive and thrilling user controls to let the user have the best experience. You will fall in love with the game at the very first look and would not be able to stop yourself once you start playing the game and overcome various challenges that come along the way.
“Funny Monster Match” game is frequently updated with new levels keep coming and offer cool bonuses to help you during the levels so that the player never gets bored and can enjoy the latest and new levels every time. We would love to hear from you about what you think about Monster Match and have any suggestions to further enhance the features.

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