Fresh Flowers Bee

Hello, botanist You are a specialist in the study of behavioral responses of plants, flowers, adapted plants, tissue 1culture of flowers and orchids
Because in our garden have flowers, many strange attraction that never found a bright flowers. Flowers are beautiful Fresh flowers are not always wither cheerful entertainment, we want you to explore our vast acreage. To keep the flowers have to study its unusual behavior before we reveal to the world. If hazards will destroy crops and crushed.
and also Insects and poisonous mushrooms that bothers. You must be aware of it as much And each trip will have on farmland.
Each round Cakes and cookies to feed for you. But you have to keep the proposition that the flower
each round end. And a special addition The fertile farmland of it. The area is ancient There are a lot of treasures If you encounter during the trip. Guests can store valuables in ancient archeological studies to the next as needed. And can be sold to fund research for the Institute of Botany of the next.
Flower Fresh Game match-3 adventure!
Flower Delivery Flower Fresh Game2

• Flower Delivery for you Completely FREE to play
• Friendly and fascinating characters living in a fantasy world
• Beautifully vivid HD graphics
• Spectacular boosts to blast through challenges
• Loads of charming levels
• We have Flower Fresh in flower green , flower blue , flower yellow , red flower , flower pink , seed orange.
• You have to be careful shellfish , worm , bee , dragonfly , butterfly , insect , ladybug , mushroom.

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