Free Golf GPS – RangePRO

Play your best golf with RangePRO Golf free gps rangefinder, now with slope capability. Get HD aerial views and screen696x696instant, accurate distances to all targets and hazards on every course in the world. It’s like having a professional caddie right in your pocket.


-Use on any course in the world! RangePRO uses Google maps to provide HD aerial views based on your current location, no pre-loaded courses necessary
-Touch any point on the map for instant, accurate distances to your target
-Now free for a limited time, view adjusted playing distances for all uphill and downhill shots
-You can choose if you want to view your distances in yards or meters
-Instant start-up: No log-in, no finding the user, selecting your course, hole, etc.
-Minimal graphic design for minimal battery-drain during rounds; GPS only while using app for minimal hassle ad battery drain


No shopping. No in-app lessons. No score-keeping, stats-tracking, or tee-time booking. Just the information you screen696x696need to execute your best shot and play your best golf. Get RangePRO Golf free gps rangefinder and start posting better scores today!

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