Flappy Color Swap & Switch

Flappy Color Swap and Switchunnamed

Do you have the dexterity to help your sillies make their way through five different colors? Do you have the skills needed, to reach the finish line, in this confusing and challenging saga? Take control of your sillies, and embark on a flappy journey called – Flappy Color Swap and Switch!
Game Description:
Flappy Color Swap and Switch is an addictive game, which helps you in testing your skills and making your way through a series of different colored obstacles. Take control of your sillies and help them flap away to the very end, as you embark on a thrilling ride called Flappy Color Swap and Switch.
Game Features:
– Tap your way through a touch-sensitive game, and make your way through each level.
– Use your minds and test your skills by tapping your silly at the right time.
– Make your way through different obstacles and help your silly survive each wave of colors!
– Cross different levels in every world, and cross each obstacle single-handedly. unnamed
– Clear each World to unlock the next one.
– Clear World 1 to unlock Endless, and play as much as you want in an arcade mode.
– Make high scores and compete with your friends to become the champion of Flappy Color Swap and Switch!
Do you have what it takes to beat your friends at their own game? Can you use the color of your silly to pass through different obstacles and make your way to the top? Download Flappy Color Swap and Switch today and flap away!

Download Flappy Color Swap and Switch for Free:




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