Flappi Trump

Tap the screen to flap, as Trump moves and evades pipes. Move through the onslaught of crows, or lose points. Hitting a crow will result in gameover unless you have bought the right perk. Collect coins to get a higher score, and to use to buy perks. Perks or powers include slowing time down, or stopping pipes from moving for a short time. 1When Trump runs into an object, he turns into a ragdoll and flops about hilariously, ending in a gameover.

Game Features

– Addicting gameplay.
– Hilarious Trump satire.
– Becomes more challenging as you earn more points.
– Beautiful 3D graphics.
– Unlock achievements.
– Leaderboard for High Score.
– Unlock perks to score higher in leaderboards.
– Randomly generated level each time.
– Ads are minimal and never during gameplay.
– [Optional] You can earn coins faster buy viewing ads to get your favorite perk.
– [Optional]You can remove ads and unlock all perks instantly in the perk menu under the More tab.

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