Fill Shape Color Blocks Deluxe

The game presents an innovative gameplay: a fusion between classic falling block games and Space Shooters.unnamed
Your accuracy and strategic skills will be pushed to the limits!
Shoot colored bullets, switch color and clear shapes in space.

Blocks start falling from space in a number of columns. By positioning your spaceship at the same line a block, and hitting the fire button, a shot is fired at the block which will clear it from the screen. Unsurprisingly, this is just the beginning. The blocks no longer fall individually but are part of more complex shapes. Here, each block in a shape needs to have been hit with the correct color for the entire shape to be cleared. You need color switch your bullets fast, aiming your spaceship and hitting the fire button.

Your objective is to clear and destroy all shapes before they touch your unnamedspaceship. You have to rely in your skills to color switch fast and aim at the blocks. To help aiming, a laser aim is available in your spaceship.

In summary, shoot and color switch your bullets with your spaceship to fill and destroy shapes with color in space in this casual puzzle shooting game. After filling all its blocks by switching color, the shape is destroyed. Some shapes might be very trick to fill and destroy since you have to color switch your bullets, requiring fast strategic decisions of which colors should be used first.

Don’t let the complexity scare you, the initial levels are really easy, but the last ones are really challenging.
If you beat the game already, more levels will be added regularly, including new features.unnamed

The game is completely free and don’t require any purchases.

– Innovative gameplay fusion between falling block games and Space Shooters.
– 5 worlds and 40 levels to play.
– 3 different shooting bullets and block colors.
– 3d nice HD graphics, compatible with tablets.
– Fun and appealing.
– Switch color of your bullets to red, yellow or purple.

Top scores and integration with social networks will be added soon.

To aim your spaceship, slide your finger up and down. To shoot, just press the shooting button in the right.
To fill a block, choose the colors of bullet to match the color of the block. When you fill all blocks the whole shape is destroyed. If you miss the shot, you will lose score.
To switch color of your bullet, click the color on the right menu.

The gameplay is adapted from the old school arcade game Quarth.

Download Fill Shape Color Blocks Deluxe for Free:




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