Fidget Spinner – Addictive Space Game

Fidget Spinner is the most vibrant addictive hand spinner game!1

The objective of this new hand fidget spinner game is to move spinner to save from falling asteroid. But, keep in mind that you will have to survive and collect speed multiplier to score the highest possible score in this endless spinner game. Not only that, you can also play a spinner simulator in a separate section inside our game, so you don’t have to install another game to get a spinner simulator because it is already included inside our game. Sounds easy, but can you really do it and spin the fidget to collect coins, life, and speed multiplier to get the highest possible score in this addictive endless game?

Why you need to download and install Fidget Spinner on your android smartphone or tablet instead of other hand spinner or spin games?

✓ The game has been selected to give the best user experience and make it an addictive spin game.
✓ We have a very nice interface that you will love.
✓ We created realistic environment of space to give you the best experience ever!2

✓ We care about you and that’s why we made our game play very easy to play. You don’t have to watch any tutorials before playing because everything is easy here!

Free :
✓ Our addictive game is FREE and it will stay Free for life, so there is No hidden fees, no special memberships and No annual subscription fees to challenge your brain.

Colorful / Neon animated fidgets :
✓ Do you want to play with colorful fidgets? It’s possible, because we created more than 25 glowing, colorful and animated fidgets that you will love.

For Anyone:
✓ Fidget Spinner is a free hand fidget spinner game and it can be played by Adults and Teens. Your whole family can play it!

What are you waiting for? Download our game Now and Enjoy playing the best spinner simulator game ever!




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