Eclectic – Multiplayer Combat

Starting with one base, combat the players to conquer all other bases in the map using your army of robot ships in 1single or with your friends in Bluetooth or LAN multiplayer mode.
The only problem is that your army can only take the bases that are near to yours.
As your level increase during the match your army goes bigger and stronger. You can make the combat much more complex by attacking or defending more than one base at the same time.
You win the battle when the map is all painted in your color (and looks pretty cool). Loses the battle when there is no more you or your team. Eclectic – Multiplayer Combat permits to set groups of allied colors, even in multiplayer mode, resulting in a much more complex and exciting combat.
It’s also possible to play in groups with your friends in multiplayer mode using Bluetooth or LAN connections via WiFi.

There is no purchase in Eclectic – Multiplayer Combat.

This colorful Real-Time Strategy was done by only one crazy guy.

Play this colorful combat with Eclectic and have fun!

Download Eclectic for Free:




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