Dungeon Thieves

Do you enjoy playing a dungeon escape game? If you do, try our newest and coolest strategy game yet: Dungeon Screenshot_20170803163900Thieves! Dungeon Thieves is an online strategy game that is based on Quoridor, a classic board game where you have to move your pawn across the board while trying to block your opponent’s movement. Show your strategy skill and defeat your opponents in the darkest dungeon in the kingdom. The winner will be the ultimate dungeon Thief.

Classic board games always make us think hard. Chess is the most popular classic board games in the world. However, there are many new variations of the chess games, including Quoridor. The rules are different from the classic chess. You only control one pawn in this game. However, unlike chess, you can block your opponent’s move by building walls. Your opponents must then move around the blockage you built.
We created Dark Dungeon Thieves based on this strategy game, with more features to make it more fun and addictive. In Dungeon Thieves you will feel like you are escaping from the darkest dungeon with your gold by trying to outsmart your opponents.

* Simple game objective: be the first one to move your pawn across the board.
* Fun and addictive classic board game.
* 10 interesting characters to unlock.
* Great game graphics resembling classic RPG games.
* Sharpen your strategy skill in this chess-like game.

The 2 game modes in Dungeon Thieves Online Strategy Game are:
– Single player: play against AI in a dark dungeon
– Multiplayer game: play against multiple opponents and become a dungeon king.

So, don’t dwell on this dark dungeon for too long! Your opponents will quietly beat you and steal your gold. Prepare yourself for your dungeon escape mission.
Download our app, play, and become a dungeon Thief!

Download our game game via open alpha and send feedback for what you would like to see in the game.

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