Dress Up Mermaid Princess Girl

Rumor has it in the city that the annual cute Little Mermaid Girls contest will be next week. You quickly check on the 2Internet only to see that this is indeed true. You have only seven days to match up against the city’s most fashionable Little Mermaid!

Fashion Little Mermaid Girls Dress-up puts you in a situation where you can show your fashion taste and dress up your own unique and unbelievably sweet Little Mermaid. Only in this way you can achieve a vision that is fitting for a winner in the city’s best Little Mermaid Girls contest.

Get your groove on and put that fashion taste and creativity into good use. Create the cutest Little Mermaid Girls with the most outstanding and fashionable clothes and accessories!

How to play

Fashion Little Mermaid Girls Dress-up has a simple and fun gameplay. You can dress up your little Little Mermaid by customizing every piece of clothing and accessory. The game is rich on customization so you can achieve whatever fashion ideas you have in mind.1

The first thing you do is pick a Little Mermaid Girls choosing from several different girls . Afterwards you can select and customize clothes and accessories coming in a wide number of styles.

You can customize your Little Mermaid’s hair, head accessory, shades, necklace, dress, anklet or shoes. Additional extras are luxurious backgrounds that will introduce a totally new context to your Little Mermaid’s gorgeous environment.

The game is free to play. You can however pay a small fee to have specific Little Mermaid models, as well as high class accessories or pieces of clothing unlocked.

Fashion Little Mermaid Girls Dress-up encourages creativity, but creativity should be shared with others. This is why the game has a social sharing system. You can let your friends know how great your creation is by sharing it on social media (Facebook).

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