Demolition Derby Banger racing

Are you ready for the most addictive arcade racer game? Your objective is to survive before getting demolished by 1other derby crash racers. Demolition Derby is a 3D destruction derby simulator with dirt track and full of muds to drive and race through.

If you are into destruction derby games, Demolition derby games and in general Racing games, you are definitely familiar with these titles: Demolition derby, UK Banger racing, US dirt ovals, r-factor, Asphalt nitro, CSR racing, Need for speed and Crammed. Well, we at the mojo game studio have taken all the good elements of such derby games and developed the Demolition Derby, so you don’t have to install different games to experience a realistic derby crash car race.


What about game play and Graphics?

The controlling of your vehicle should be your least of worries, as the game play is really easy to learn and adapt. 2What you need to worry is to make sure to take down the competitors in this real demolition derby driving experience. It really need some racing skills.

The 3D graphics provides multiple driving views and you can easily switch views based on the different conditions. You’ll find the usual regular in car view with its detailed 3D cockpit and dashboard, bonnet/hood cam, roof, rear and top down race cam views as well. In overall there are 6 race driver cameras, and they are all 3D.


Demolition Derby – Banger Racing Main Features at a glance:

  • Easy to learn game play
  • 3D Graphics and surrounding realistic sounds3
  • Accurate car specifications and handling
  • 20 competitor drivers to race on dirt tracks with
  • 5 levels of destruction, deformation, crashes
  • 30 demolition derby championships
  • Wide range of banger race dirt tracks
  • FREE

Demolition Derby is one of the best destruction derby games and it offers everything you should expect from such derby crash racing games. The game is free with in-app-purchase items and there is no limit when it comes to destruction, demolition, deformation and crashes. Use different vehicles to race with champions in dirt tracks and enjoy being a championship.

Download Demolition Derby Banger racing for Free:




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