Deadly Unicorn Jetpack Challenge

Deadly Unicorn Jetpack Challenge is an action packed game that has awesome unicorns, deadly obstacles, boss fights, crazy weapons, sidekick cat engineers, explosions, rainbows, rainbow explosions, evil sharks in UFOs, 1leveling, achievements, unlock-able characters and leader-board. Game is free, no random ads! As honest as it can be!

Short game feature summary:
– Dash through the clouds as a fearless unicorn with a jetpack!
– Compete against others players, beat the high scores, be the best!
– Leveling, character stats and unique perk combinations (equally deadly but completely unique unicorns)
– Unlock all 10 jetpack unicorns and get increased experience & score bonus!
– You can unlock everything by playing or you can throw some money at your device screen, we won’t mind
– Flexible options to allow smooth gameplay on any device
– There are 9 powerups, including diamond magnets. What? How do these work?
– Nobody reads those anyways
– Unlock all 23 achievements! (We are pretty sure there is an achievement screen somewhere…)2
– Beat 2 Bosses, we only have 2, sorry 🙁 but, boy, are they bossy!
– The deadly “red zone” presents a lot of challenges, game difficulty gradually increases as you dash further into to the red zone!
– We have the best rocket launcher on the market

Take control of a deadly jetpack unicorn on mission of getting as far to the right as possible! Fly above the clouds, over mysterious unicorn planet overrun by evil sharks. Wield finest unicorn weapons, join cat rebellion and beat two evil overlords. Encounter and overcome obstacles on your way to the red zone, a zone where no jetpack unicorn have ever been before.

Game has the in-app purchases, totally optional; everything that can be purchased can be unlocked by playing the game. No stupid “wait for 5 hours or speed up using real money to get your reward” nonsense.

Game has been nominated for “Our mom is proud of us” award during development and came very close to getting it but failed due to the “look at your brother, he is THE manager, you should ask him to give you a ‘real job’ in the company”.3

Stop reading this and install it already! This is going to be the best five minutes of your life (maybe an hour or even two), we promise. Requires a Google play services to play! Game saves the progress on a cloud ! There are a lot of clouds in the game and all clouds are beautiful and store progress!

The game has some gore and blood that can be turned off and turned on. (Yes we have a fully functioning checkbox that is totally on/off capable). Why would you want to remove gore though is another question.

Damn! You really like reading! Please stop reading and play the game!

This is a paragraph of lorem ipsum not because we want to fill the space we have left but because “denouncing of a pleasure and praising pain” idea plays major role in the games story or because no one will ever read that far.4
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Srsly install the game! Play the game! Tell us what you think!
Is it challenging enough ? Is it too easy ? Is the graphics pretty? Does it run well on your device ?
Yours truly, SolidFluid dev team! If you’ve read this far you’re awesome!

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