Cute & The Rope – Slice Puzzle

Cut the ropes to move the candy to the cat in over 100 awesome levels.aaaaaaaaa

Cute & The Rope features:

– Over 100 amazing level,
– Leaderboard included,
– Solve physics puzzles,
– Play with gravity,
– Amazing sound,
– Rich graphics with eye catching stage,
– Special items,
– Replay all unlocked levels,
– Dropping candy,
– Play on Tablets and Phones. and
– many more.

Why play this game:

– Free to play,
– Super easy installation,
– Unlimited time and lives,
– Custom difficulty level,
– Intuitive game play and special game features!
How to play:

The installation and gameplay of “Cute & The Rope” is super simple. Just follow the steps:

– Just press on “Install” button,
– Launch the game after installation is complete,
– Click on “Play” to start the game,
– Try to eat the dropping candy,cccccccccccccccc
– Stay away from spider and spikes, and
– Try to burst the bubbles,
– Enjoy the game!

Download Cute & The Rope for Android:




Download Cute & The Rope for iOS:




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