Color Portal Switch

Explore the adventure with this addictive color switching game. The game is simple yet very challenging but the 1more you play, the easier it gets!

Color Portal Switch is a fast paced game that will test your reflexes and reactions.

The ball will switch colors when passing through the same colored portal. If the ball hits the wrong Color the ball explodes and the game starts over.


Classic: Switch the color of the portals to line up with the color of the ball. When the ball passes through the portal it teleports to a different position

Reverse: Same as classic but in reverse!

Ping Pong: The ball bounces up and down and you have to switch the portals color to line up with the ball

360 degree: Spin the colored circle left or right as quick as you can before the ball hits the wrong color

Bounce: Bounce the ball side to side off the colored walls to match the color of your ball2

Flappy: Flap your ball through the correct colored portal

Each game mode is as challenging as the next!

Very Addictive Color Switching game


– One touch control
– Simple and addictive gameplay
– 6 different game modes
– Endless gameplay
– Very challenging

Download Color Portal Switch for Free:




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